Alternative medicine in nursing homes – care with a difference

Care with a difference – Alternative medicine in nursing homes

In many retirement homes in Germany, care and treatment is provided according to the concepts of conventional medicine. However, more and more nursing homes are incorporating elements of TCM or alternative medicine.

Alternative medicine deals, for example, with acupuncture, massage, homeopathy and meditation, and breathing exercises.

Especially in the care of seniors, many retirement homes have used these traditional practices.

For example, many nursing homes offer qigong or tai chi classes where the exercises are specifically adapted to the abilities of seniors.

Seniors are enthusiastic about alternative medicine

In many nursing homes in Germany, not only conventional care based on conventional medicine is used. Alternative medicine is also finding its way more and more frequently into nursing homes, because the alternative treatment approach is often well received by seniors.

The University of Michigan also observed this trend in a study in which 71% of the 848 over 50-year-old study participants used alternative treatment options as early as 2000.

Although alternative treatments have not yet been tested for safety and effectiveness, many seniors still seek treatment through alternative medicine practices.

Chiropractic care has been particularly popular among respondents, and acupuncture has been the least utilized.

Qi-Gong, Tai Chi & Meditation – The offer is large

In nursing homes, courses such as Qi-Gong or Tai-Chi are often offered, which are specially tailored to the needs of seniors.

A trained qi gong or tai chi instructor then comes to the nursing home and performs exercises with the seniors that train flexibility, as well as breathing exercises.

Meditation is also a popular alternative form of therapy in many homes, especially for those suffering from dementia. Here, the focus is particularly on relaxation and inner peace.

In addition, alternative medicine can be helpful in other areas as well.

With the help of a pulse and tongue diagnosis, disturbances in body and mind can be detected in people who can no longer express themselves.

In addition, alternative medicine has also proven effective for pain conditions, stroke sequelae, edema, confusion, depression and insomnia.

For example, energetic massages and acupuncture help to release emotional blockages so that anxiety and inner stress can be reduced.

In the end, it can be said that alternative medicine has long since found its way into nursing homes and that this type of care and therapy is well received by many seniors.