Bedroom 2022 What materials and colors are in vogue

Bedroom 2022: What’s in vogue

In your own bedroom should be the center of rest, where you can recover from the strains of the often stressful everyday life. Everyone has his or her own individual preferences as to how to design this resting space.

At the same time, the bedroom is also a part of the apartment or house, so the furniture should not be completely different from the rest.

Especially during Corona, many have come up with the idea of completely redesigning or at least renovating their bedrooms.

For the year 2022 there are numerous new trends that can serve as inspiration. From the materials to the colors, there are several factors to consider.

Which colors are in vogue?

It has already been proven in many studies that different colors can also have an influence on the well-being and mood in a room.

Ultimately, everyone must decide for themselves what color is calming.

Basically, soft and light tones are supposed to have a positive effect in the bedroom, but in 2022, strong tones such as orange and red will also come into their own again.

If you are not sure about the color, neutral tones are a good choice. These usually fit any style of interior and have a calming effect.

Gray tones are very much in the lead here, but also cream or a very light blue. It is not only about the color of the walls but also about specific accents through bedding, pillows or furniture.

Strong colors can have a great effect, because they quickly take over the room for themselves.

The courage to try something new is often rewarded. So why not go for a bright green or orange for a change?

A strong wall color thus also does not suppress the remaining components of the room, but helps to emphasize them even more.

What materials in 2022?

When it comes to the materials you use in the bedroom, texture plays a crucial role. Still on the rise here are textures inspired by nature.

In combination with modern stylistic means, they can create a completely new sense of space.

In terms of materials, wood is very popular as a sustainable raw material. Whether it is the bed frame, various furniture or individual decorative elements – whoever decides on wood as the basis of naturalness in their own bedroom is fully in line with the trend in 2022.

With the materials, the quality is also not to be underestimated, because you spend a lot of time in the bedroom. So, above all, the mattress should be very high quality and tailored to your needs.

If you choose a Swissflex mattress, you have chosen a high-quality mattress that you will enjoy for a long time. Sustainability can also play a major role in other products.

When it comes to bedding, recycled materials can make a big difference, making them trendy again this year.

Basically, however, everything is popular that gives you a comfortable feeling in the bedroom and contributes to a restful sleep.

Only those who sleep well can give their body the necessary rest for regeneration and energy production, which is then needed in everyday life.