Dynamic Aging – Exercise and restore physical mobility

Dynamic Aging – Exercise and restore physical mobility

Dynamic Aging: Exercise and restore physical mobility with Katy’s proven exercise program for anyone in their mid-thirties and older.

We usually notice it when we’re around sixty: We can no longer get up from the sofa so easily, tying our shoes causes trouble … But is this really an inevitable consequence of aging?

Biomechanist Katy Bowman says, “No! The real problem is our sedentary lifestyle.” Its negative effects on our health have been scientifically proven: shortened tendons, unhealthy movement patterns and resulting poor posture to serious illnesses.

But how can we become flexible again and then stay so? Especially when aging, “mobility” is a synonym for “quality of life”. Katy Bowman’s comprehensive exercise program restores and maintains the mobility of our muscles, tendons, and joints.

  • A training program for anyone in their mid-thirties and older – with 22 simple, illustrated exercises for more mobility in everyday life.
  • Make the body more supple step by step and develop the ideal posture: find the right stance, align the body lengthwise, stretch and strengthen the thigh muscles, put the chin in the right position …
  • Numerous practical tips from Golden Agers on choosing the right kitchen utensils, furniture, shoes, clothing, etc., That make life in old age much easier.

Illustrations from the book Dynamic Aging

Image copyright: © by Evgennya Balchinova

Stretching in the door frame

Extend both arms until you reach the top of the door or the wall above it. Let the chest sink in the process. If you can’t do it with both arms at once, start with one arm. Then slide your hand along the side of the door as far up as possible. If you lower your chest while doing this, it intensifies the stretch in your arm and shoulders. Do the exercise on both sides.

Pay attention to the position of your elbows. If they are turned outward? Try to perform the exercise a few times so that the inside of the elbows (bend of the arm) is as straight as possible to the front, that is, towards the door frame. Does this change the stretch in arms, shoulders and torso?

Do this every time you come through a door, for about 15 seconds each time. Another movement you can easily incorporate into your daily routine!

Illustration from the book Dynamic Aging - Turning the upper body while lying down
Image rights: © by Evgennya Balchinova

Turning the upper body while lying down

Lie on the floor and support your head and shoulders with 1 or 2 small pillows. This is how your chest rests firmly on the ground. Stretch your legs straight and your arms out to the side so that you form a T. (This will keep your upper body stable while you rotate the lower half of your body.)

Shift your pelvis slightly to the right and tighten your right knee until it is perpendicular over your hip. Then rotate the pelvis to place the knee on the left side. As soon as your ribs want to lift off the ground, you pause.

Perform the rotation only so far that your chest does not lift off the floor. You should not force this movement under any circumstances!

If your pelvis barely moves and your knee doesn’t touch the floor, that’s perfectly fine. Place where the knee is, just a pile of pillows to put it down on.

Repeat the exercise on the other side.

Katy Bowman: Dynamic Aging - Active and agile at any age!

Katy Bowman
Dynamic Aging
Active and agile at any age!

Hans Nietzsche Publishers
Softcover – with numerous color illustrations
224 pages – format: 14,8 x 21 cm
ISBN 978-3-86264-710-1

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