Energy flow in the body – interesting facts about chakra structure and function

Chakras and the flow of energy in the body

Chakras are points in our subtle body where any form of energy gathers. These energy centers significantly determine the energy flow in the body.

They are interconnected by channels (nadis) and carry the life energy prana.

When the energy in a chakra is blocked by spiritual or material influences, the energy accumulates and an imbalance occurs in the body.

This imbalance can lead to physical discomfort, mental confusion or even illness.

Energy flow in the body – structure of the seven main chakras

To keep the energy flow in the body in a healthy balance, it is useful to understand the structure of the seven main chakras.

The sushumna plays an important role in this process. The Sushumna is the central channel that connects the seven main chakras with each other.

It is located in the center of the body and extends from the pelvic floor (root chakra) to the crown of the head (crown chakra).

Each chakra is assigned certain properties and forms of expression.

Roughly, one can say that the lower three chakras have a material reference point (survival, sexuality, willpower) and the upper three chakras have a more immaterial reference point (truth, knowledge, enlightenment).

But one cannot consider the lower and upper chakras separately from each other. They are all connected through the neutral heart chakra and also form complementaries.

This means that the chakras facing each other between the heart chakra are connected by small side channels.

Thus, in addition to the sushumna, the 1. Chakra with the 7. Chakra, the 2. Chakra with the 6. Chakra, and the 3. Chakra with the 5. Chakra connected by nadis.

These complementary connections show the importance of a balanced energy level and should always be considered.

To release blockages and stimulate the flow of energy

Chakras are like small pools of water connected by thin channels.

When too much dirt accumulates in these basins, the channels become clogged and the water backs up.

This causes the water to seek other paths and thus some pools are overfilled while others dry up.

The energy in our body flows just like the water in the channels. The dirt in the pools symbolizes mental suffering, attachments, stress and problems. These things keep energy from flowing evenly.

In order to stimulate the flow of energy in the body resp. Therefore, it is important to clear away all the accumulated clutter.

Although this is usually a very individual process, almost like therapy, there are practical approaches that anyone can implement.

Learning to let go and become conscious

Attachment to things that are transient in nature is the main cause of blockages in the subtle body.

It leads to suffering, perceived problem, and thus an inharmonious being. All things you hold on to hold you down. One is literally constrained by them.

But if you let go of these things, the mind frees itself and the energy can flow unhindered in the body again.

A deep inner peace occurs, mentally as well as physically. But how do you let go of something, be it past experiences or future cravings?

The answer is: through consciousness. All attachments come from the mind. Either they take you to the past or to the future, but never to the present.

But when one is completely in the present moment, these attachments do not exist.

There is no need to change the past or control the future, because these are both aspects that originate from the present.

The more you are in the here and now with your consciousness, the freer your mind becomes and therefore the energy in your body flows better.

There are very many ways to be present. Be it through meditation, other mindfulness exercises, artistic activities or the simple present awareness in everyday life.

Physical influences on energy

But the flow of energy in the body does not necessarily have to be stimulated by spiritual activity, physical influences also have a very strong effect on it.

Because a holistically balanced life also includes physical aspects such as z.B. Diet and exercise.

For example, a light and natural meal can be a great energizer, while fatty and sugary foods often drain energy and leave you flat mentally as well as physically.

The nadis are not clogged, but the energy level of the whole body decreases.

Sport and physical activity is beneficial because it stimulates the flow of energy in the body and brings it into motion.

In the process, energy is consumed, but space is also made for new energy. Because a balance between energy increase and energy consumption, physically as well as mentally, is important for the general well-being as a human being.

About the author
Valentin Voigt is a yoga practitioner and supports other seekers in their personal and spiritual development. On his blog Back2Spirit he writes about consciousness, spirituality and a holistic lifestyle.