Enjoying healthy climate and wellness at the Baltic Sea

Enjoy wellness at the Baltic Sea

Our everyday life is mostly characterized by hectic and stress. Free time to relax we allow ourselves only very rarely. And when we take advantage of this, we do things that we have been putting off for a while or have not had the time to do before. This may also be the reason why we prefer a relaxing hotel stay.

The so-called wellness hotels are not only popular with female customers. Men also appreciate the health and beauty applications.

Especially at the Baltic Sea you will find with regard to the different wellness offers. Already alone the fact of the pleasant and health-promoting climate speak for the Baltic Sea as a destination. But also short trips can be planned much more spontaneously, due to the shorter distance than would be the case with a foreign vacation destination.

The different offers of the local hotels ensure that there is a suitable recreational offer for everyone.
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Baltic Sea – Pure relaxation, thanks to the sea

The low-emission air and clean water of the Baltic Sea have a positive effect on health and mood. The different components of the sea are particularly suitable for external use and let the skin breathe again. But also internally applied such products can, z. B. in the form of a seaweed cure, contribute to an increased immune system and thus to a better well-being.

Wellness hotels, which are located in the vicinity of the sea, incorporate exactly this fact into the various treatment methods. But also long walks on the beautiful sandy beaches are a wonderful way to unwind. Not to forget the idyll of the surrounding area, which ensures that the stress of the past time from one falls away. However, in addition to all the relaxation, leisure activities are not neglected. Thus, hiking or biking trips are a welcome change here.

Even a little off the coast relaxation is possible

Those who do not necessarily want to go to the sea are well catered for a little further inland. Away from the coasts, the climate is still Baltic Sea-genuine and contributes to well-being. Both the more rural regions and the cities offer hotel stays with wellness offers. For example, Strahlsund is a popular wellness place but also cities like Rostock have z.B. here, in terms of recreation, a lot to offer.

The offers are as individual as the demands of the guests. With different, offered massage practices like z. B. With the hot stone massage or the foot reflex zone massage it is not difficult to forget the exhausting everyday life. But also beauty treatments like a peeling with sea salt or baths with various additives have a relaxing and vitalizing effect.

Especially on our vacation we attach great importance to pampering and how could this be better measured than by the culinary offer. This need is satisfied in this region with the most different fish variations. Here, however, guests who do not like fish very much are also offered a delicious alternative.