Fasting as in the past with organic broth – grandma’s favorite served anew

Fasting with organic broth – Grandma’s favorite served anew

Whether classic bone broth à la grandma or vegan vital mushroom or vegetable broths: The young brand Bone Brox offers many varieties that let you get through the fasting time well.

Why actually fasting?

Occasions there are many: Desire to strengthen the defenses in winter, detox in spring or interval fasting for weight loss.

Therapeutic fasting or classic fasting around Easter are also still popular social rituals. All forms have in common that we allow ourselves more time for contemplation and look at what is really important to us – without much ballast.

And what warms us in a quiet moment more than a delicious broth? Already our grandmothers knew the soup as body and soul warmer. It provides many important nutrients, sometimes also comfort and so we can breathe again and recharge our batteries.

Vegan – or bone broth?

For those who prefer plant-based foods, the new vegan vital mushroom broth is a good companion during the fasting days. It is cooked with organic hericum, also called hedgehog goatee or lion’s mane.

It is known in Asia as a medicinal mushroom and contains many essential amino acids, vitamin D, many polysaccharides and considerable amounts of minerals. In addition to hericum extract, Brox Vital Mushroom Broth also contains shiitake, champignons and porcini mushrooms.

Fine spices, such as ginger, garlic, bay leaf and juniper, give it a pleasant spicy note. Ideal for warming up at the start of the day or also in the evening as a small fasting ritual.

Alternatively, the vegan Brox Kraftbrühe Bio-Gemüse (Organic Vegetable Broth) will carry us through the period of abstinence. Both broths come in 100 percent organic quality and are without artificial additives and preservatives.

Bone broth like grandma used to make

Who loves it classically, gets with the Brox bone broths to drink no simple stock. Because they were cooked out for 18 hours from the bones of 100 percent organic cattle and organic free-range chickens.

The bone broths contain thereby many valuable nutrients such as collagens and amino acids. A collagen naturally extracted from the bones, as in Brox, can help to promote the regeneration of the body.

For example, the protein has a reputation for improving the elasticity of the skin, preventing wrinkles and reducing cellulite. Studies speak for example of positive effects on cellulite morphology through collagen peptides.

The bone broths organic beef and organic chicken are well suited for those looking for a high protein, low fat fasting companion in organic quality. The advantage over a juice fast is that these two broths do not contain any sugar.

Because fruit juices contain sugar, which can have a problematic effect on blood sugar levels and body weight if consumed in excess.

Brox broths are additive-free, quickly heated and ready to drink. A well-warming soup like grandma used to make.

Three-day fasting with Brox

With the 3-day Brox cure a new and urban variant of the traditional chamfering cure offers itself.

Here for 3 days on solid food is renounced. The three main meals a day are replaced with 250 ml each of Brox bone broth.

Additionally in the morning as well as in the afternoon snacks with 250 ml Brox broth each are planned. It is important to drink enough water, alternatively also fasting tea.

In total, fluid intake of at least 3 liters should be ensured. Before a chamfering cure a physician should be consulted.

Available in health food stores and supermarkets, as well as via

Prices (RRP in stores):

  • Bone broth organic chicken, 370 ml in a jar: 5,75 €,
  • Bone broth organic beef, 370 ml in a jar: 5,75 €,
  • Vital mushroom broth Bio-Hericum, 370 ml in a jar: 5.75 €,
  • Broth organic vegetables, 370 ml in a jar: 6,75 €.

About Bone Brox

The start-up Bone Brox was founded in 2016 by Konrad Knops and Jin-Woo Bae. The goal was to launch organic bone broths containing collagen under the brand Brox.

In the process, they brought a trend from New York to Germany: on the streets there, bone broth to go was now drunk instead of coffee.

This strengthened the founders in the idea to make available to health-conscious people a 100 percent natural bone broth in organic quality, which is not only sustainably produced, but also contains important nutrients.

As an osteopath, Konrad Knops often prescribed his patients grandma’s superfood – bone broth. And nutrition coach Jin-Woo Bae loves his mother’s perfect broth to this day: made from oxtail or duck.

This was also the impulse for Brox. In addition to bone broths from organic free-range chicken and organic beef, the company now also offers vegan broths, spice blends and collagen powder made from 100% organic beef bones.

The start-up turned down an offer from “Die Höhle des Löwen” in 2017. In the meantime, Brox is listed nationwide and in European countries in organic stores and in the classic food retail trade.