Foreign health insurance – With a good feeling into the vacation

Foreign health insurance – With a good feeling in the vacation

One of the preparations for a vacation is the health insurance for abroad. But what if this does not cover the transport? Here is an alternative that you should know.

Health insurance abroad – The case of illness abroad

During vacations or business trips abroad, you can get sick quickly and through no fault of your own.

This can be caused by mundane things like food poisoning, by an insect bite or even by the unfortunate event of an accident.

It becomes particularly critical if the illness cannot be treated in the vacation country or the patient must be returned to the home country as quickly as possible under other circumstances.

Foreign health insurance – Retrieval service in case of emergency

It can happen that return services in emergencies to the home country are not covered by the foreign health insurance for various reasons.

In this case, it is advisable to know about service providers for this type of retrieval service before leaving on vacation, which will bring the patient home safely and quickly.

One of these service providers is . The company is a specialist in ambulance transports, medical flight escort in conventional aircraft as well as ambulance flights with special aircraft.

From the first contact from abroad to hospitalization in the hospital of the home town – Ems-247 offers its services complex and always in the sense of the patient.

Hotline available at all times

The company, which can be found on the Internet about, is aware that in an emergency every minute counts.

Therefore, there is a hotline, which can be reached around the clock, and this even in all popular vacation regions at local rates, to ensure such a contact also 100%.

Therefore a hotline exists, which can be reached around the clock, and this also still in all popular vacation regions to the local tariff, in order to ensure so a contact also to 100%.

Ems-247 is an emergency ambulance transportation and retrieval service provider that can be trusted in the event of an emergency.

Due to the cooperation with other medical service providers in the vacation country, as well as in the home country, the patient is intensively and medically appropriately cared for during the repatriation, so that a connection to the treatment abroad can be carried out by local medical staff without any difficulties.

One drives with a still calmer conscience into the vacation, if one knows that one, due to the locked foreign health insurance, also still another alternative for the possible, but hopefully not necessary, repatriation in the emergency disposes.

Since the vacation makes twice as much pleasure and is therefore also more relaxing.