Histamine intolerance (HIT) – away from radical diets and banned lists

The innovative formula for histamine intolerance

Kyra and Sascha Kauffmann present here the first guidebook that does not treat histamine intolerance (HIT) with the help of strict diets and banned lists.

Instead, the two experienced healers have developed a new holistic approach, with the help of which the body learns to become “tolerant” again, both with regard to histamine-rich foods and to the body’s own histamine production, which cannot be switched off by abstaining from histamine-containing foods.

Headaches, rashes, diarrhea – histamine intolerance is associated with a wide variety of symptoms and can show up anywhere in the body.

In the case of histamine intolerance, histamine-rich foods, such as tomatoes, ripe cheese, red wine, etc., are not eaten. no longer tolerated.

But foods that stimulate the body’s own histamine production also become a problem for those affected.

A histamine intolerance is therefore much more than an intolerance. It is a symptom that indicates a fundamental disorder in the body at many levels.

The two experienced alternative practitioners critically examine the current approach to histamine intolerance and present here for the first time a cause-related diagnosis and therapy concept to successfully treat HIT patients – without bans and radical diets.

Their solution lies in a reprogramming of the metabolism. The authors have developed an effective 8-week program, with which the body learns step by step to cope with histamine again.

The innovative approach allows sufferers to eat normally again – instead of radically reducing their menu. The motto is “Back to health and back to pleasure – without a radical diet.

Kyra and Sascha Kauffmann

The histamine fallacy

Away from radical diets and prohibition lists – the formula for a healthy life with histamine

VAK Publishing Ltd
1. Edition 2021
Softcover with flaps, 224 pages
Format: 16.5 x 22.5 cm
ISBN 978-3-86731-238-7
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The authors
Kyra Kauffmann has been working as an alternative practitioner in her own practice since 2005. Her practice focuses on the therapy of metabolic disorders and immunological diseases as well as preventive medicine.

Sascha Kauffmann is an alternative practitioner in private practice in D├╝sseldorf and specializes in the naturopathic treatment of thyroid disorders. Together with his wife Kyra he has already published several medical articles and several top sellers.