Homegym – Staying fit and healthy during the Corona lockdown

Corona lockdown: Get fit with your own home gym

Corona demands more and more victims from the population. While in summer it seemed as if the worst was over, the November lockdown brings us back down to earth.

This pandemic will continue for some time and will change our lives permanently. Among other things, this is also noticeable in the world of sports.

This does not only refer to professional sports, which have had to adapt to the new conditions, in part radically, since spring at the latest.

This also refers to the many millions of people who keep fit every day by exercising at home or in a fitness center they trust.

Since the gyms are all closed again at the moment, it is best for customers to adapt to the new conditions as well.

This can be achieved, for example, with a home gym, i.e. a fitness studio within one’s own four walls. Why, for example, folding treadmills are particularly well suited for this purpose and other important aspects at a glance.

Advantages of a Homegym

One of the unbeatable advantages of a home gym is the fact that you are independent of wind and weather. People who go jogging regularly, for example, sometimes face really nasty weather conditions, especially in autumn and winter.

Storms, pelting rain or freezing cold can be unfair opponents in the fight against laziness and it is not uncommon to stay at home in the morning in bad weather instead of going for a jog.

In recent times, the problem of weather conditions has been joined by a global pandemic that can affect anyone and has already claimed several lives.

The government’s lockdown also refers to the fact that it may be better to refrain from exercising in the fresh air.

This is to keep the risk of infection low, as it is sufficient for an infection, for example, to walk past an infected person on the sidewalk.

However, exercise plays an even more important role in some people’s lives than just in terms of fitness.

Sport also creates balance and promotes concentration, as you start the day already awake in the morning. In addition, a certain physical exhaustion can also help you fall asleep better in the evening and sleep more deeply at night.

This is one of the reasons why you should be independent from the outside world, for example, by installing various sports equipment at home. There are some more and some less suitable devices that should be considered for this purpose.

Which workout equipment is best?

Especially people who go jogging regularly should consider acquiring a foldable treadmill in this context.

This has two very decisive advantages: First, it also enables the so-called interval training. This involves running, running and walking in alternating intervals, which is particularly beneficial for improving endurance and muscles.

Due to the fact that these workout programs are pre-programmed into most machines, they are actually slightly better suited for the morning workout than actually going for a jog outside.

The second advantage of a foldable treadmill is that it is foldable. This way, during the warm spring and summer months, it can also be conveniently stored away and won’t take up unnecessary space in the home.