learn spiritual healing and later work as healers themselves

Learn Spiritual Healing

Denise and Attila Ingerl created an institute where spiritual healing can be learned and which harmonizes science and spirituality.

Healing and alleviation of pain can be done with conventional medicine, but can also be done through spiritual healing, where not only the pain but also the cause is treated. That is why the training of healers is one of the goals of the institute.

Doctors, aspiring therapists and those interested in gaining a foothold in the healing profession will find various training opportunities with future potential at the institute.

People are opening up more and more to alternative healing methods, which can even provide improvements for ailments that are supposedly not treatable.

What the institute offers to the interested person

On the one hand you get here the possibility of a spirit healer training to complete, in order to work later even as a healer.

The institute also deals with distance healing, seminars and workshops are held regularly and there is a lot of information on the subject of spiritual healing on the website. Spiritual healing can be applied to physical as well as psychological ailments.

Holistic contents are taught here, which also impart a basic therapeutic knowledge. The concept follows the laws of nature, which are also increasingly accepted by conventional medicine.

A lot of research is already being done in these areas. But as with all topics, scientists want to be able to prove it until it is believable.

Those who are a little bit engaged in spirituality will feel the change in the body, even without scientific evidence.

The teachers are nevertheless endeavored to explain the contents scientifically that certain processes are also comprehensible. For all those who need such information to really believe.

Who once discovers spirituality in himself, learns to feel again, will hardly deny the existence of the Higher Self and feel the successes in his own body.

You will learn all this in the course of the training. Even many doubters have already been convinced of the contrary.

Learn spiritual healing for yourself

If you do not want to train as a healer, you also have the possibility to learn meditation techniques by yourself or to participate in a remote healing session.

During a seminar, those interested will also have the opportunity to activate their own mentality and self-help powers. The wonderful thing about spiritual healing is the fact that even self-treatments can lead to healing and relief.

It is worthwhile, look around on the website and discover new possibilities, methods, healers and much more, for a happy, healthy life in harmony with mind and soul.