Lip care, with what means can ideally care for rough lips

Ideal lip care for dry and rough lips

Many women and also men know the problem: dry and rough lips, especially in autumn and winter. The only thing that helps is the right lip care.

By the cold air outside and the dry heating air the lips are exposed again and again to large strains.

How you can help stressed lips and how to ideally care for them, read the following text.

Lip care for rough lips – the quick help

In addition to the classic grease pencils from the drugstore, many wonder what else helps against the rough and dry lips?

Also many home remedies can help the lips to regenerate. Some people swear by honey for the lips, because it has a nourishing and at the same time antibacterial effect.

Others set on Quark, because it works cooling and donates much humidity. In addition to the typical care sticks, there are also other creams that provide relief.

When buying, make sure that the fat content is very high and ideally also contains chamomile.

Lip care – when applying make no mistake

Many people make a mistake in applying it, because some apply a thick layer of cream. However, this must be avoided.

With a thick layer of cream during the day, the care is not perfect. For it is better to apply a thin layer of cream every one to two hours.

Preventively you can help the lips with a massage.

Because a massage promotes as with the rest of the skin also the blood circulation and thus the lips feel again soft and healthy.

A positive effect is also the lip color, which looks very strong and healthy again due to the massage.

With a toothbrush and a little honey, the lip area can be easily and effectively massaged.