Natural practice and gentle healing method – The bioresonance therapy

Natural practice – The bioresonance therapy

The desire for gentle healing methods has increased greatly in recent years, one of these healing methods is bioresonance therapy.

More and more patients seek help from alternative practitioners and want to move away from classical orthodox medicine. The naturopathic practice offers a variety of therapy options that help the body to help itself.

The concept of bioresonance therapy

This therapy aims to stimulate and strengthen the self-healing powers of the body. According to Erich Rasch and Franz Morell, the cells, tissues and organs of the human body create an electromagnetic field. This field has the task to control certain biochemical processes in the body. Due to these processes, an individual oscillation pattern is created in each person.

Each organism is also penetrated by foreign substances, each of which has its own vibration pattern. These include allergens, vaccines, bacteria, heavy metals, etc.. This leads to disturbances of healthy vibrations in the human body.

How does the bioresonance diagnosis proceed??

During bioresonance diagnosis, an overview of all electromagnetic oscillations in the patient’s body is obtained. Then these are compared with the vibrations of various pathological substances that are already known.

Bioresonance therapy - Bioresonance diagnosis

The bioresonance device is able to separate the harmonic vibrations from the disharmonic vibrations. Then the pathological oscillations are reversed and applied to the patient by means of electrodes. This is to weaken the harmful substances in their influence and the body is stimulated to self-healing.

Bioresonance therapy - Rayoscan

For which diseases is bioresonance therapy recommended??

Bioresonance treatment is primarily used for therapeutic purposes. Good results have been achieved in the treatment of acute and chronic allergies or inflammation of the gastric mucosa, as well as asthma and chronic fatigue.

Also with migraine, neurodermatitis, jaw and tooth problems, rheumatic diseases and pain of all kinds the bioresonance treatment proved to be very successful. Since this therapy method is painless, it is suitable for adults as well as for children and infants.

What are the costs of this therapy?

Since the duration and frequency of the treatments depend on the particular disease, there is no flat rate that one has to pay for this treatment. Furthermore, the prices vary from alternative practitioner to alternative practitioner.

During the first intake interview, the doctor will get a picture of the patient and then talk about the costs that will be incurred. Currently, health insurance companies do not cover these treatments, although they are becoming increasingly popular.