Neo-Tantra – The connection between spirituality and sensuality

Neo-Tantra as a connection between spirituality and sensuality

Tantra. A word that many people today often automatically associate with a purely erotic experience. This is certainly true in part, but Tantra is so much more.

Based on an Indian philosophy and religion, Tantra is a form of Hinduism whose roots go back to the second century. Neo-Tantra is a rather young offshoot of this doctrine, which is examined here a little bit under the magnifying glass.

The origin of Neo-Tantra ..

… is not so far back in our past. Neotantra is a still quite young branch on the “Tantra tree”, which since the end of the 70’s describes a direction of Tantra spread mainly in Europe and the USA.

Thought father of this form of Tantra is the Indian philosopher Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. His interpretation of this ancient teaching combines spirituality with sexuality.

In Neo-Tantra, it is necessary to awaken the sexual energy of the pelvic area through meditation and massage, and thus transform it into a cosmic consciousness.

Between 1970 and 1990 many Tantra schools were opened in Germany. Today the term Tantra plays an increasingly important role in the erotic field, which is especially due to the Tantra massages.

In summary, it can be said that in Neo-Tantra the Hindu and Buddhist ideologies play a subordinate role.

The focus is much more on intensifying the ability to orgasm and the harmony between sexuality and spirituality. The book Tantra (Secrets of Eastern Art of Love) by Kalashatra Govinda gives numerous insights on this subject.

Neo-tantra as an erotic service?

Sure … that does exist. Precisely because sexuality plays an important role in Neo-Tantra, extensive Tantra massages are often part of erotic services.

However, the fact that the pure teaching of Tantra has nothing to do with the sensual performances of, for example, high-class escort ladies, is an assumption that many Tantra masseurs unfortunately all too often have to justify themselves against.

Tantra massages as an important part of Neo-Tantra

Joe Kramer is one of the most famous disciples of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Since the early 80’s he has been pushing the teaching of Neo-Tantra in America and in Europe with his “Social Bodywork” project.

One focus of it is to pass on the art of Tantra massage. The aim of Tantra massages is to gain a sexual and at the same time spiritual experience.

It is about rediscovering one’s own body and that of one’s partner, and in a time in which sexuality is increasingly degraded to a consumer good, to learn to appreciate it again as something special.