New interactive Modern dental materials in everyday practice

Modern dental materials in practical everyday work

For two years now, a new book has been supplementing the dental literature: “Materials Compendium. Modern dental materials in practical everyday work”.

New and interactive: A book for materials science

The iBook series “Materials Science Compendium – Modern Dental Materials in Practical Working Life” is a digital reference book that teaches the fundamentals of dental materials in dentistry and dental technology.

Divided into different books, materials commonly used in prosthetic dentistry are presented. The team of authors Martin Rosentritt, Annett Kieschnick, Sebastian Hahnel, Anja Liebermann and Bogna Stawarczyk provide a concise and clear overview of the fundamentals and further information on the respective material.

The four books published so far from the compendium: Zirconia, Dental Ceramics, Polymer-based CAD/CAM Materials, Dental Luting Materials.

The materials science compendium for modern dental materials

The reader is introduced to well-founded aspects of materials science in a “playful” way. A short text guides the reader through the steps of fabricating a dental prosthesis and assists in the use of each material. The entire manufacturing process is illustrated, from material selection to polishing.

In order to keep the main text as simple as possible, detailed explanations have been deliberately omitted. If necessary, it can be accessed via icons. A detailed glossary accompanies the reader throughout the book and answers many questions. Learners can easily check their knowledge level at any time via the learning function (similar to index cards).

A multitude of illustrations, tables and videos illustrate individual aspects. Individual tips and processing instructions help in tricky situations. If you would like to delve deeper into the subject, you will find basic information on the following topics.

In addition, information worth knowing from various manufacturers (supporters of the iBook) and corresponding links are provided. In a product supplement, the reader learns more about interesting products and their application.

With this digital compendium, the authors are breaking new ground in dental literature. The complexity of the information is easy to grasp thanks to the well thought-out structure. After purchasing the digital book in the Apple iBooks store or as a PDF, the digital book can be used anywhere and on any device.