Nootropics – worth noting and an overview of different types

Nootropics: an overview and things to know

Many people turn to drugs to increase their cognitive performance. Nootropics are often used for this purpose.

But what are nootropics and what can they do??

What are nootropics?

Nootropic or. Nootropics belong to a group of drugs and medicines that are usually intended to increase cognitive performance.

There is a variety of remedies, some of which are natural and some of which are synthetically produced.

And the number of remedies is constantly increasing, because the demand in our performance-oriented society is increasing as well.

In order to withstand the daily pressure, many people resort to medicines and nootropics, which are usually taken as tablets or capsules.

Their action is in principle quite simple. These simply expand our blood vessels in the brain, which leads to the fact that this is supplied with more oxygen and also nutrients such as glucose.

Thus, with the help of nootropics, one can concentrate and focus longer, which can lead to longer performance at the desired maximum level.

Long learning units, exams or workdays should be able to be used so more efficiently.

The different types of nootropics

However, besides the already mentioned desirable effects, there are also other types of nootropics, which are supposed to serve a different purpose.

Here is the selection of nootropics (smart drugs) that are commercially available to date:

  • The already mentioned means for the improvement of the concentration.
  • Nootropics that have a psychological effect, i.e. relieve anxiety or stress.
  • Nootropics as sleep aids for enhancing lucid dreams (Fun Fact: When nootropics were discovered, a classic sleep aid was supposed to be developed, but the stimulant effect was discovered instead).
  • Nootropics as an anti-aging product.

What to watch out for when taking them

All this does not sound so bad at first, but there are always many things to be aware of when taking a remedy or a drug.

On the one hand, side effects are never negligible, because without them no main effect could be released at all.

Caffeine tablets or plain coffee, which is nothing more than a kind of nootropic, can lead to high blood pressure, for example, if consumed in excess.

What is also dangerous is that many nootropics are freely available commercially and thus education about the side effects is rarely provided.

Also the intake, which usually follows an arbitrary dosage, can lead to the emergence of side effects.

A conversation with a doctor, who can recommend the perfect nootropic for the desired effect and explain about it, is useful in any case.

In principle, care should always be taken to start with a low dosage.

This gives the organism the necessary time to get used to the remedy. An immediate effect is extremely rare.

In addition, one should also pay attention to the other conditions when taking them. A healthy body can absorb and process new substances better.

A healthy diet and enough exercise should be the basic requirement here if you want to get the maximum out of the nootropics.

Final it can be said that also Nootropika do not replace extensive learning for a long examination, however, can be helpful, these better and more concentrated to write.