Sport in lockdown Staying fit and healthy even without a gym!

Sport in lockdown: staying fit without a gym

Since the 2. November is already the second lockdown in Germany due to the Corona pandemic. In the course of this, there are also considerable restrictions in sports.

Runners can of course continue to do their sport outdoors, but they still have to do without racing or training in company. However, the apartment may not be left if a quarantine has been ordered.

However, lack of exercise is also caused by working in a home office, because the daily walk to the train or the walk during the lunch break are not possible.

Therefore, it is essential that even in the lockdown a regular exercise is pursued.

Sport at home with the endurance training in the home

There are many people who have a handy exercise machine at home, such as a rowing machine. If this is not the case, now could be the right moment to purchase one.

A practical rowing machine test on the Internet helps to find the right model for individual requirements.

Of course, there are also other cardio machines to choose from when it comes to continuing to keep fit at home despite lockdown.

The Auspowern succeeds for example also on a trampoline extraordinarily well. As an alternative, a skipping rope can certainly be found somewhere.

As an alternative for a run in the fresh air is also suitable the simple running on the spot in the living room, even if this may seem a little strange in the first moment.

No matter which training variant is preferred, the windows should always be opened.

In contrast to a run in nature, it is perfectly legitimate to train barefoot within one’s own walls. This protects the feet and at the same time also the ears of the neighbors.

It also helps to put a yoga or gymnastics mat under your feet. To alternate between different intensities, stride frequency and knee stroke can be varied.

Cardio classes on the Internet are also a great alternative to keep fit and healthy at home. The choice between Tae Bo, Zumba, Dance Step and other courses is very extensive, so that everyone can find exactly the offer that suits him best.

An exemplary training program

The following example shows how a few short sessions of flexibility, endurance and strength training can be completed every day, even during lockdown.

Of course, the individual conditions of your own home must always be taken into account.

Directly after getting up is the right time for a few mobilization exercises at. Through the open windows, the body experiences a beneficial oxygen shower at the same time. During the exercise the body is stretched as long as possible.

The position is held for a few seconds. Likewise feet, legs, shoulders and hips should be circled properly. The conclusion of the mobilization exercise consists in swinging the arms.

Movement break
If most of the day is spent sitting, a small break from exercise should be taken around midday. For example, a run on the spot that incorporates skipping, knee lever runs or ankle work is a good idea.

Even a short stretching session can work wonders after sitting at a desk for a long time.

Endurance training
The afternoon is the time for endurance or strength training, which should last around 30 minutes. The ideal pulse range is 80 to 85 percent of the maximum heart rate.

In order to really switch off and relax in the evening, the day can be ended with a regenerating yoga session.