Stinging nettle – the most iron-rich plant in Europe – possible applications

Nettle – the most iron-containing plant in Europe

Spring is coming and already we find the first harbingers in our gardens. The stinging nettle is a medicinal plant known to us and used for a long time with the most diverse application possibilities.

Why this plant is said to have healing powers is no wonder. It is a real silicic acid bomb and bristles with iron. Women in particular often suffer from iron deficiency, which can easily be remedied with a 2 to 4 week stinging nettle cure.

With a cure you can only win, because you detoxify at the same time, clean the urinary tract, counteract spring fatigue, strengthen the nails, let the hair sprout and support the skin naturally.

The nettle – Good for skin and hair

The silicic acid contained in the nettle is responsible for strengthening our nails and hair and giving new energy to our skin. After the cold season, our defenses are weakened, for example due to an insufficient intake of vitamins through our food intake.

We do without many regional vegetables and fruits in winter, therefore wild herbs are an ideal powerfood and bring variety into our diet.


A tip for the first nettle tips: Pick our leaves in the spring and process us into a delicious pesto, so you always have a supply of fresh nettles even in winter!

After numerous submissions from our customers, we are pleased to report that the nettle has significantly improved the blood count and iron levels in serious diseases.

As the only blood-forming plant in Europe, we should pay more attention to it again, because it should not be forgotten.

Already pastor K├╝nzle has said: „If mankind knew how healthy the stinging nettle is and if it would not protect itself from animals thanks to your nettles, the plant would already be extinct.“

Especially people who are overacidified, suffer from high blood pressure, have gout and rheumatism or suffer from joint pain, should make a purification cure with nettle tea in spring.

This has a positive effect on the whole organism and fat metabolism. With eczemas, headache, kidney and urine grating the stinging nettle can have a healing effect. Nettle is our best blood purifying and at the same time the only blood forming medicinal plant in Europe.

Tip: If you are afraid of touching the nettle picking, you can use ready-made natural nettle root drops or the nettle extract.