Wild herb recipes from appetizers to desserts – green, colorful, wild

Delicate wild herb recipes from appetizers to desserts

Wild friends, some say un- and wild herbs are unbeatable in their assertiveness. They are bursting with life and hold tasty treasures.

The focus is not only on these “native weeds,” which are often regarded with disdain, but also on Japanese knotweed, fountain weed and
many other bundles of energy, which can be found on the doorstep, included in the kitchen.

These experience so an interesting and above all delicious use.

With the right collecting strategy and a little knowledge about preparation and storage, these delicious bundles of energy can be turned into distinctive delicacies.

Culinary wild herbs – Green, colorful and wild

The author invents a new culinary around nettle, elderberry and other wild companions: elderflower croissants, meadow ice cream, green burgers, tree leaf salad, green-pink berry tartlet u.v.m..

With ingenuity and a feeling for aesthetics, she cooks and stages “commonplace plants” in a completely new way. Each recipe is illustrated, and the recipes, plant portraits, and clear plates on edible flowers, aromatic herbs, and wild salads, arranged by plant species, guarantee truly original cuisine.

In addition, this book contains valuable tips on the right collecting strategy as well as on proper preservation. This recipe book is a declaration of love for wild herbs and an ode to baking and cooking with native plants.

Nicole Maurer
Wild Herb Love
85 recipes – nettle, elder & wild friends
Freya Publishing House – 1. Edition 2021
Hardcover – 304 pages
throughout four-colored, with many photos – format: 19 x 24,5 cm
ISBN 978-3-99025-503-2
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The author

Nicole Maurer loves to be in and with nature and to be surprised by it again and again. Grown up in the former GDR, she now lives and works in Styria. For many years, the herbalist and wilderness trainer has been fascinated by the world of wild herbs.

And since she also has a great fondness for cooking and baking, nature is also often on her plate. From the appetizer to the dessert it may be green, colorful and wild.

In addition to her profession as an intensive care nurse, she organizes wild herb walks with a cooking workshop from spring to fall. In her courses nature becomes a kitchen and wild herbs become a delight for the palate.