The organ clock – life in rhythm.

The organ clock – Life in rhythm

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches that all organs follow a certain rhythm. There are phases in which the organs work particularly intensively. TCM knows the concept of meridians, which are closely related to the organs. The life force Qi flows through it. The Qi flows through the twelve main meridians in a two-hour rhythm. These times are best illustrated by the organ clock.

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The organ clock

1 o’clock – 3 o’clock
After midnight begins the time of the liver. It is next to the kidneys our most important detoxification organ. If you wake up frequently between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m., the cause could be liver dysfunction.

3 o’clock – 5 o’clock
The time of the lungs follows. Early risers are recommended to take a morning walk. The well-ventilated bedroom is also important.

5 o’clock – 7 o’clock
In the following two hours the large intestine works particularly intensively. You can support the emptying of the bowels in the morning by drinking a glass of water immediately after getting up.

7 o’clock – 9 o’clock
Have breakfast! Until 9 o’clock is the time of the stomach. Chinese doctors recommend a warm breakfast.

9 o’clock – 11 o’clock
With renewed energy, the spleen and with it the mental learning ability reach their performance peak.

11 am- 1 pm
Midday is considered the time of the heart and joy. It is a time to regenerate after the first half of the day. TCM recommends having a light meal together with good friends.

13 o’clock – 15 o’clock
In the early afternoon the small intestine has its energetically highest phase. Lunch wants to be digested, blood pressure drops. Follow the example of the people in the south, take a siesta.

3 pm – 5 pm
The organ clock shows that the urinary bladder is now active. Drink enough in the afternoon to support this organ. When our performance is not up to speed, the body often lacks only water.

17 o’clock – 19 o’clock
This is followed by the time of the kidney, which also serves detoxification purposes. It is time for a light dinner.

19 o’clock – 21 o’clock
This is the time of the heart bag (pericards). The body wants to rest.

21 o’clock – 23 o’clock
The ‚triple warmer‘ is foreign to us in the West. It coordinates the circulation of Qi. Time to relax.

23 o’clock – 01 o’clock
The time of the gallbladder. The body is set to sleep.

As long as a person is healthy, he rarely worries about his organs. It is only when they are out of balance that we become aware. In order to find back into its Biorhythmus, the organ clock can be supportive an important aid.