Angel call – the neighbourhood assistance with Handy emergency call

Angel call – the neighborhood assistance with cell phone emergency call

Angel call Neighborly help for the daily good deed. Helpful (angels) help people in need, the elderly, the sick or single parents with short everyday problems. Helping creates closeness and brings everyone closer together. The angels are guided via cell phone and receive small sponsor bonuses as a thank you.

… there are no obligations and no pressure now at any time to have to help!

Helping together

All known aid organizations have long been overburdened and the number of people in need of help (z.B. old people, single parents, sick people. ) increases daily. Many are at their limit in these fast-paced and hectic times and hope for uncomplicated and quick help. That can only angels – Angels on earth.

Through the angel call platform, people willing to help can register and act as angels for their local area from time to time when available. The assistance that can be requested is very broad:

– Help with errands,
– Help with work at home,
– Child care,
– courier services,
– Help with visits to the authorities,
– and much more.