Build up and support intestinal flora with intestinal bacteria

Intestinal reorganization – Build up the intestinal flora with intestinal bacteria

The intestine with its 100 trillion bacteria is important for health and well-being. The bacteria form the intestinal flora, also called microbiota.

They take nutrients from food and make them available to the body, produce vitamins, form a barrier against pathogens and stimulate the immune system.

But if the intestinal flora is disturbed, this can lead to an imbalance. However, a healthy intestinal flora can be supported.

The right diet or even probiotic products can build up the intestinal flora.

Harmful influences on the intestinal flora

If the intestinal flora is no longer in balance, this can lead to digestive disorders as well as a higher susceptibility to infections. Damage to the flora can occur in several ways.

On the one hand there is the wrong nutrition. If the food lacks fiber, contains too much sugar, too many artificial sweeteners are used or even an excess of alcohol is consumed, then the intestinal flora gets into disarray.

It is likewise damaged by medicines. Especially the intake of antibiotics affects the bacteria in the digestive tract.

They not only fight the bacterial pathogens, but also destroy the good intestinal bacteria.

In addition to antibiotics, laxatives, cortisone or heartburn remedies also have a harmful effect on the intestinal flora.

Intestinal infections also upset the flora. Stress, a hectic everyday life and associated hasty unhealthy food is also not conducive to the digestive tract. They can all lead to the balance being disturbed.

Actively supporting the intestinal flora

There are several ways to help the flora stay healthy. Nutrition plays a major role here.

A diet rich in fiber can promote the growth of intestinal bacteria.

The indigestible dietary fibers, especially from fruits and vegetables, remain in the intestine for a long time and provide the basis for bacterial growth.

Psyllium husks, flaxseed or even chicory and black salsify are suitable foods to support the intestinal bacteria.

Active can be supplied to the intestine by probiotic food such as yogurt or beverages, in addition, sauerkraut or bread drunkenness useful lactic acid bacteria.

They settle in the intestine, displace pathogens and actively support the immune system.

If the intestine is totally disturbed, the intestinal flora of a healthy person can also be transferred to the intestine of a sick person by means of a so-called stool transplantation.