Immune System in Balance and Lasting Resilience – The Immune Type Formula

The immune type formula for an immune system in balance

Why some people are prone to allergies, others to autoimmune diseases, and still others to susceptibility to infections? And why it doesn’t always make sense to “boost” the immune system?

The reason is the four different immune types, which determine our immune system in different degrees: While the “smoldering type” is plagued by chronic inflammations, the “weakened type” takes every cold with it and the “overactive type” suffers from numerous allergies, the “misguided type” has to fight with autoimmune diseases.

These diseases and complaints are caused by a biochemical imbalance in the body’s cells, which derails the immune system.

And this cannot be remedied with a general recommendation for strengthening the body’s defenses, but only through a type-specific approach that focuses on the individual immune type with its strengths and weaknesses and also takes into account everyday habits, diet and environmental influences.

For optimal support of the own immune system the book contains an informative self-test as well as an immunological reconstruction plan for each of the four types.

The Immune Type Formula

Your individual strategy for an immune system in balance and lasting resilience

Dr. Heather Moday
VAK Publishing House – 1. Edition 2022
Paperback, 288 pages – Format: 15 x 21.5 cm – ISBN 978-3-86731-253-0