Dogs and cats healthy with REICO Vital-Systems – Vital Food

Delicious vital food for dogs and cats

The MaxiVit foods for dogs and cats are gently processed. Only meat approved for human nutrition is used.

The dog and cat food is free from chemical colorants and preservatives respectively. Supplements.

Neither fat nor animal, vegetable and grain meal is added to the feed, assures the company.

Reiber affirms: „Since all raw materials are freshly processed during production, valuable and vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements are preserved.

Through many years of experience in the field of pet food, I can rely on a special manufacturing process that leaves the complete food effectively.

The special feature of MaxiVit feeds is the mineral balance. This will provide dogs and cats with a balanced and healthy diet.“

Complete food and herbal supplements for dogs and cats

The company REICO offers vital systems for the four-legged friend. In addition to the complete wet and dry food range, a herbal special supplementary food is also offered for dogs and cats to maintain health and increase vitality.

Due to a very gentle production of the tasty granules, the Naturkraft herbs are optimally effective.

Above all select herbs are used, which are entfasert and afterwards microfine milled. By this procedure they can be utilized by the animal also to 80 per cent.

The Naturkraft herbs protect dogs and cats from negative environmental influences. The lifespan and resistance of the animals is increased and they are less susceptible to diseases„.

Health has a future

Under this guiding principle Konrad Reiber has carefully selected and developed the products. The company REICO offers high quality products that are designed to meet the needs of soil, plant, animal and man.

A co-ordinated complete system: REICO nature products are sold in the direct sale in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with large success.

In further countries the preparations for the development of the selling run already. A goal of the enterprise, so the founder, „is a surface covering selling of the REICO VITAL SYSTEMS in completely Europe.

The visions and guidelines of the company give the consultants a clear mission statement for the future. The system consultants work at REICO without any risk. They do not need to purchase any product.

A consultant needs only a sample case, which costs between 60 and 200 euro (freely selectable).

Shipping of ordered goods is done directly by the company“. Customers and system consultants are equally enthusiastic about the products, confirms Konrad Reiber.

„The repurchase of the customers, after the use of REICO natural products, is 90%. Thus the advisors can be pleased about a passive income, which is settled again over a clearly structured commission system.“

REICO Vital-Systeme also offers its consultants (and those who want to become consultants) regular seminars. The seminars include, among other things, product, sales, Internet and portal training courses.