Hair transplantation – a chance for both men and women

Hair transplantation – an opportunity for men and women alike

When the hair on the head becomes less and less, there comes a point when man/woman no longer feels attractive. With progressive loss of hair, the problem often becomes very burdensome.

Women in particular suffer greatly when hair recedes in the highly visible areas, for example in the hairline above the forehead.

A hair transplant can help to regain a full head of hair. This is the process we want to look at in more detail in this article.

What is hair transplantation?

On the Internet you can find a lot of different terms on this subject. Hair transplantation, hair surgery or own hair transplantation are other terms for hair transplantation.

Basically, however, everything means the same: it is always a modern hair transplantation as can be read on Hairforlife on the subject of hair transplantation.

At the places where hair is missing on the scalp, new ones are inserted.

However, these do not come from a foreign person, but are taken from the affected person elsewhere and implanted where they are missing.

As a rule, these hairs are taken from the hair circle that surrounds the bald head.

This hair circle is usually insensitive to the hormone that causes hair loss.

When to use hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is mainly used in cases of hereditary hair loss.

Androgenetic alopecia, as hereditary hair loss is scientifically called, is the main cause of hair loss.

While 60-80% of German men suffer from this hair loss in old age, only 20-30% of women do.

The body’s own hormone dihydrotestosterone is responsible for hereditary hair loss.

This hormone, which is called DHT for short, is created as a conversion product from testosterone.

The hair follicles of the affected person react too sensitively to this hormone and the hair falls out.

For reasons that have not yet been definitively explained, the blood vessels that supply hair roots with nutrients gradually recede.

As a result, follicles atrophy and the growth phase of the hair becomes shorter, while the resting phase becomes longer.

As a result of this process hair grows shorter and shorter and is less strong. Moreover, they tend to fall out.

In the case of pathological hair loss, for example circular hair loss or alopecia areata, hair transplantation cannot help.

Can hereditary hair loss be treated?

On the market various means against hair loss. For example, there are shampoos that must be regularly massaged into the scalp and contain the active ingredient Minoxidil.

This can slow down hair loss, but must be applied permanently.

With all the remedies available today, only the symptoms of hair loss are combated.

The actual hair loss, which is genetically predisposed, is not treated. Therefore, that hair loss will continue to progress.

Hair transplantation as a last resort

If the suffering pressure becomes too strong, one stands in the public or is professionally dependent on a good appearance (whether as a model or salesman), a hair transplant from the specialist can be the last resort.

You can find such a z.B. about the Hairforlife consultation.

In the meantime, the techniques used are so good that hair transplantation is worthwhile for many people despite the high financial investment.

In the meantime, many stars and other celebrities have undergone such an operation.

For example, the FDP politician Christian Lindner or the soccer player of the German national team, Benedikt Höwedes.

If you take the trouble to do a little googling, you will find that many more celebrities have already undergone such an operation.

The costs

Unfortunately, such a modern hair transplantation is not quite cheap. Depending on the size of the affected area and the number of hairs to be transplanted, it can range from a few 1000 € to high into the five-digit range.

However, this investment is well worth the money, especially in cases of high suffering.


Hair transplantation can be very expensive for many people who are in the public eye or suffer from hair loss. perhaps even suffer from a half baldness, be the last resort.

Even if such an operation is not quite cheap, it may be worthwhile to save on it or. To take out a small loan.