Migraine related to sugar.

Migraine associated with sugar

People who suffer from migraine often pay more attention to diet and external influences than people without migraine do. This raises the question: can the consumption of sugar influence migraines or headaches at all?? Is the sugar a trigger thus trigger of migraine?

Which are actually migraine triggers – triggers?

environmental influences respectively. body’s own imbalances, can also cause them as migraine triggers. They are called triggers. Triggers are very difficult to detect.

Chemical vapors, flickering constantly flashing lights in the disco, glaring lights, noise, a sudden change in weather, changes in air pressure, but also stress, excitement and psychological overload such as lack of sleep, alcohol u.v.m. which trigger a migraine attack.

migraine due to fluctuations of blood sugar

With a normal and balanced diet, the blood glucose level of a healthy person is in the normal range. Excessive consumption of sugar provokes an overreaction of the pancreas after a certain period of time.

This means, more precisely, that when sugar is consumed, the body produces significantly too much insulin. In this case the blood sugar rises for a short time then drops directly. Many people do not notice these low values after a certain time.

Signs of hypoglycemia are:

  • trembling,
  • restlessness,
  • Aggressiveness,
  • cold sweat,
  • Headache,
  • Fatigue,
  • Anxiety,
  • Nausea.

Separately we should therefore consider the trigger of „irregular meals“. If you eat a balanced diet and have normal blood sugar regulation, you will be able to cope well even with irregular meals.

The body regulates the blood sugar level in these persons. It can hardly come to a precarious hypoglycemia phase – not even if some fasting days are inserted.

On the other hand, it is completely different for someone who likes to eat meals made of isolated carbohydrates, such as cakes, white bread, chocolate. In these people, the blood sugar level increases very much at first, as already described, and this causes the pancreas to secrete more than abundant insulin.

Insulin itself ensures that the excess sugar is taken out of the blood and into the body’s cells. The result is a hypoglycemia, which causes hunger to set in again.

If one is not during such a Unterzuckerung and the body can, its blood sugar level not independently adjust, then the longer lasting Unterzuckerphase with a Migraine can triggern.

In addition, such hypoglycemic phases make the brain more susceptible to the so called “migraine”. Excitotoxins very susceptible. Excitotoxins are messenger substances that are important for the brain in limited quantities, but cause damage in excess.

What can migraine patients do who have noticed that sugar is the possible trigger for their migraines?

Have migraine patients already been able to determine for themselves the connection between their sugar consumption and a migraine attack?. But even people who don’t get a direct migraine attack after consuming sugary foods should keep the following things in mind:

  • no sweet foods & Take drinks,
  • omit sweeteners of any kind, including stevia,
  • eating regularly throughout the day (it is advisable to eat something every two hours).),
  • Enjoy a piece of fruit a day.

Sweet taste should be avoided, but sugar should not be avoided completely. In most of the products offered in the supermarket there is sugar. This is not a big deal as long as the sweet taste is not very strong.

Of course, a piece of cake may be consumed as an exception, at a celebration for example.. You should pay attention to the fact that it can only be an exception and not a habit.

Is chocolate in trigger?

Whether chocolate is to blame for the occurrence of migraine is controversial, even among experts. Cocoa releases the biogenic amine histamine, it fends off substances foreign to the body, but thus it also fends off allergic reactions. As a rule, diamine oxidase, another enzyme, breaks down the histamine in the bloodstream again.

In some people, however, this enzyme is restricted, as a result of which the body cannot totally utilize histamine. If a person suffers from such a histamine intolerance, it is quite possible that chocolate is to blame for a migraine.

As a rule, however, chocolate is not the trigger of an attack. When a migraine patient starts stuffing himself with lots of chocolate bars, the migraine is already starting to roll in.

The craving for sweets announces the dreaded migraine headaches of many sufferers up to two days in advance.


Migraine is directly related to sugar because the brain is the first organ to react to hypoglycemia. The result of this reaction is migraine pain. The brain needs a certain amount of sugar for its activity.

However, if it does not get enough sugar to function properly, it reacts with the symptoms listed above.

Even before these symptoms appear, the brain is much more active, as it is already dealing with the problem of hypoglycemia. People who are susceptible to migraines quickly get a migraine attack as a result. However, it is only a very brief explanation of the problem.