Moringa oil for skin and hair care – ingredients and modes of action

Moringa oil for optimal care of the skin

Moringa oil is one of the highest quality oils available. The exceptionally high content of antioxidants ensures high stability, making it a very durable oil. Even the ancient pharaohs knew about the quality of this valuable oil.

Moringa oil was used for skin care in early Egypt and Mesopotamia. In this article we will take a closer look at the properties of Moringa oil.

What is Moringa oil?

Moringa oil is extracted from the seeds of the Moringa tree. This plant is known mainly from the numerous available dietary supplements. However, unlike the oil, these are made from the leaves of the fast-growing tree.

In fact, moringa trees can grow several feet per year. Since almost all parts of the tree can be used as food and the leaves in particular have one of the highest known nutrient densities, they are seen in poor countries as a beacon of hope in the fight against hunger.

In fact, Moringa seeds have another amazing property: they are able to purify water and can thus be used to purify drinking water. Clean water is scarce in many of the plant’s countries of origin.

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Ingredients of Moringa Oil

Moringa oil contains a whole range of valuable ingredients. First and foremost, of course, the fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9. It also contains many different vitamins and minerals.

For example, these are the vitamins A, B and C, as well as magnesium, calcium and iron. Many antioxidants, including zeatin, can also be found in the oil. From them a large part of the positive effects for the skin emanates.

Another characteristic of Moringa oil is the behenic acid it contains, after which the oil is sometimes named: Behen oil. Overall, however, Moringa oil consists of a variety of different fatty acids, which we would like to list here:

  • Oleic acid,
  • Behen acid,
  • Palmitic acid
  • Stearic acid,
  • Arachidic acid,
  • Eicosanic acid,
  • Palmitoleic acid,
  • Lignoceric acid,
  • Linoleic acid,
  • Alpha-linoleic acid,
  • Myristic acid.

What to look for when buying?

As with all other oils, the gentle processing of the seeds is very important for the production of a high-quality oil. Particularly stands out here the temperature. If an oil is processed too hot, ingredients such as unsaturated fatty acids are destroyed.

To counteract this, a cold-pressed oil should be chosen. Typical for a good Moringa oil is the slightly yellowish coloring as well as a nutty aroma. When stored below 18 °C, the oil may flocculate and become partially solid.

Moringa oil effects on the skin

Moringa oil has an extremely positive effect on the skin and also hair growth. Especially the contained antioxidants make it a wonder weapon in the fight against wrinkles and other signs of aging. Therefore, it is not surprising that the oil is often used as an anti-aging agent.

This has not escaped the cosmetics industry and so it is now part of numerous creams, lotions, shower gels and hair shampoos.

Anti-bacterial effects of the oil make it a good support for skin diseases such as:

  • Acne,
  • Neurodermatitis,
  • Psoriasis
  • and various fungi.

A soothing massage cares for the skin, moisturizes, but also works against oily skin and of course has the usual relaxing effects of a massage.

Moringa oil for the hair

The oil also moisturizes the hair and is especially effective against dry hair and scalp as well as split ends. For this reason, there are now Moringa shampoos to buy in stores.

For scalp diseases such as dandruff or neurodermatitis, the oil can be massaged into the scalp. Then it is left to act overnight and washed out again in the morning in the shower.

A towel can be wrapped around the hair to protect the bedding. This has the further advantage that the resulting heat stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp and the ingredients of the oil can be better absorbed.

Other effects

Of course, the oil can also be used internally. Here it is especially recommended to use in salad dressings and other cold dishes. On the one hand, heating would destroy the ingredients, on the other hand, the oil tastes really delicious in salads and brings a new pep.

The internal application works due to the high-quality oleic acids particularly on the cardiovascular system. It lowers blood pressure and has a general strengthening effect.

The antioxidants protect the cells by binding free radicals, and also fight against internal inflammation. Thus, inflammatory diseases of the bones and joints should be alleviated by taking the oil.

By the way, the oil is not only suitable for people. Dogs, horses and cats can also benefit from the positive properties and also get a beautiful shiny and soft coat, if they are regularly mixed Moringa oil in the feed.


Moringa oil has many positive properties and is even used by the cosmetics industry. Especially anti-aging products with Moringa are becoming more and more popular. The rejuvenating effects are due to the high content of antioxidants.

But there are also many reasons to use the oil internally. Here it is best used to refine cold dishes.